World’s first vertical sky allotment gardens in a residential development

This is a concept that is said to originate from England dating back to the 19th century. Allotment gardens are small parcels of land rented to individuals, usually for the purpose of growing food crops.  According to a recent news report, Singapore now has more than 1,000 allotment gardens in a dozen of its national parks.  More than 36,000 Singaporeans are part of the Community in Bloom programme, tending to 1,300 gardens in housing estates, schools and organisations.1

As allotment gardens gain popularity among city dwellers, One Pearl Bank takes this concept of urban farming to an ambitious new level.  One Pearl Bank will have close to 200 allotment plots across 18 sky gardens, where residents can grow herbs, fruits and vegetables for their own consumption.  From an environmental perspective, the sky allotments will enhance the public’s ability to become more food independent at a convenient location.  This is the first time that a series of sky allotments has been arrayed vertically in a high-rise residential tower.  As a world-first, One Pearl Bank’s sky allotments will support Singapore in reinforcing its position as a world leader in urban planning.

Cantilevering from the edge of the two towers, One Pearl Bank’s sky allotments are placed on every four floors to allow for adequate sunlight for plant growth.  Visible from the city centre, these green spaces visually reinforce Singapore’s brand as a garden city.  These allotments are also a form of “productive greenery” that diversifies the sources of landscaping in One Pearl Bank beyond landscaped paths, sky terraces and green balconies.  

Through this innovative approach to community bonding, the allotment gardens will encourage neighbours to interact with one another and build relationships through a shared activity.  One Pearl Bank residents can enjoy the process of gardening and tending to their plants, or simply enjoy being outside looking at the views.  In short, each sky allotment forms a community in the sky.